Breaking News: Stromae Cancels Concert, Returns to Europe

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Breaking News: Stromae Cancels Concert, Returns to Europe

Breaking news: Stromae’s press conference scheduled for today in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and his concert scheduled for tomorrow in that city have been canceled.

Stromae flew back to Europe on the morning of June 11, according to Alain Yav of Pygma Communication in Kinshasa. In a joint statement issued with Stromae’s label Mosaert, his tour production company Auguri announced that “the artist had to return on an urgent basis to Europe to undergo medical examinations and cannot deliver the expected performance. Neither can he announce a later date at this time.”

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The final African concert date scheduled for Kigali, Rwanda on June 20 will go on.

When Stromae was a little boy visiting his father in Rwanda at the age of five or six, he became feverish with malaria and was forced to cut short his visit to return to Belgium for medical treatment. He was only able to stay for a month of what had been planned as a two-month visit.

UPDATE: Several African and European sources are reporting additional theories this afternoon around the reasons for Stromae’s return to Europe.

At Stromaeometre, we are aware of the various theories, and we have decided only to address the official version as shared by Mosaert, out of respect for our artist’s communication. We prefer to focus on our good wishes for Paul and hope that he is physically and mentally well. After all, that’s what’s most important.

Cover photo: concert cancellation notice in the Congolese press, via Le Soir.

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