Business of Fashion Interview: Stromae and Coralie Barbier

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Business of Fashion Interview: Stromae and Coralie Barbier

Mosaert is in the same vein as my music. I do it to express my vision, to learn and, above all, to have fun.


With the release of Mosaert’s capsule no. 2  scheduled for tomorrow,  British online fashion magazine The Business of Fashion has published an interview with Paul Van Haver and Coralie Barbier, who is Stromae’s personal stylist and also the stylist/designer for Mosaert.

Van Haver talks about his interest in fashion, and how he decided to move forward with creating a fashion line after working with Barbier. While he had an interest in fashion and of course always paid special attention to his own looks, he was at first hesitant to get into the fashion business. “She is the one who showed me it was possible,” Van Haver says. “I was always a bit afraid of looking like the Swiss Army-knife artist who does so many different things, going in too many directions, but, after all, Coralie is the one who bears the brand on her shoulders. She takes care of all the technical steps, areas I’m completely clueless in.” 

Before launching Mosaert, the two collaborated on Stromae’s stage outfits.  However, Stromae says he doesn’t like the idea of outlandish “stage costumes” in general. He prefers clothes that are more wearable, and decided to create a line that anyone–male, female, young or old–can wear. “There is not an ounce of hipness in what we do.” However, in keeping with his self-described indecisive charcter, not every outfit that’s been designed has been made available to the public. He admits that he “wants to have some clothes that are only his own.”

Van Haver talks about the decisions to make the collection unisex. For him, it was about being jealous of the girls: while they could always find something fun and colorful to wear, he was disappointed with men’s racks filled with boring blue, black, and gray. for Barbier, “the unisex element is ‘about the characters that Paul is able to play with in his musical career.’ ” In that way, the fashion collection ties in with the theme of gender identity that Stromae explores in some of his songs, particularly “Tous les mêmes,” but also “Bâtard.”

While Stromae wore everything in the first Mosaert capsule, now the singer wants to distance himself from the brand. Most of the items in the second capsule are not part of his stage costume. As time goes on and the Racine Carrée tour draws to a close in fall 2015, Stromae will go back to composing and recording.  While they admit that separating Stromae from the brand he founded will be difficult, both Barbier and Van Haver hope that as the musician temporarily steps away from the limelight, the Mosaert fashion brand will keep going strong.

Business of Fashion article

Two Mosaert designs that have so far remained exclusive to Stromae:


the “Ta fête” cardigan, worn at the Studio Q interview in Toronto


stromae mosaert ave cesaria english

the “Ave Cesaria” jacket

Cover photo for this article by Michael Ferire from the photo shoot for Mosaert capsule no. 1. Coralie Barbier is on the left.

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