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As Tour Starts Again, All About “Je Cours”

Amy March 6, 2015 0 970 views
As Tour Starts Again, All About “Je Cours”

Stromae prepares for next leg of his tour

a look back at the oldest song he still performs

Stromae and his team will be on the road again in just a few days. They’ll kick off the 2015 leg of the Racine Carrée tour on March 15 in Austin, Texas. Rehearsals have begun!

racine carree tour 2015 stromae je cours

March 5, 2105: In the studio for the Racine Carrée tour 2015. Photo courtesy of Lionel Capouillez


racine carree tour rehearsal March 2015 stromae je cours

March 5, 2015: Musician Florian Rossi rehearsing for the Racine Carrée tour 2015. Photo courtesy of Florian Rossi

Stromaeometre would like to wish them well for the Racine Carrée tour 2015 with a look back at the song “Je Cours,” (translation: “I Run”).


Stromae: Je Cours


J’espère que ça vous parlera. (I hope this will speak to you.)

~ Stromae, Leçon n°2 “Je cours…”

The earliest version of “Je Cours” was released in early 2009, making it the oldest song that Stromae still performs. Its themes of hitting the ground running, continuing to pound the pavement in the face of all life’s troubles and with no guarantee of the outcome, combine to make it a perennial choice for him.

The song first appeared in Stromae’s “Leçon n°2 ‘Je cours…’ “, which was published on YouTube on February 13, 2009. The lesson was filmed in the tiny studio in his bedroom where he still lived at home with his mother. Stromae tells us that the song “Je cours” is “a little bit more serious, it’s less funny, it’s a little bit less ‘second degree’ ” (in other words, less ironic) than the song in his first lesson, “Up Saw Liz.” (Set the video to full-screen mode to make the English subtitles visible.)

Stromae’s Lesson 2 “Je Cours” [w/ English Subtitles] posted on YouTube by hpmarocsvp

In October 2009, Stromae released his EP “Mixture Elecstro.” The EP was created in collaboration with DJ Psar and included a remixed version of “Je Cours.” The entire mixture can be heard on DJ Psar’s soundcloud, which includes a link to download it.

Here’s the “Elecstro” version of “Je Cours”:

Stromae & Dj Psar – Je cours

Stromae reworked the song once again for the version that appeared on his 2010 album Cheese. The synth track is more melodic, the chorus was modified, and the vocal track is smoother, less of a rap. The official video for the song was released more than two years after the lesson, on March 5, 2011. It features Stromae endlessly running after an open-backed VW van in which his two musicians Yoshi Manuda and Simon LeSaint sit with keyboards in their laps night and day, impassively observing his struggle to keep up.

Stromae “Je cours”

Here are some photos taken by Benjamin Brolet during the filming of the video for “Je Cours.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In 2014, Stromae debuted a new extended remix of the song. It was added to the second half of the live version, which was played at the larger arena shows.

Stromae – Je Cours – Paris Bercy 27/11/2014 posted on YouTube by Megabyze

Translation of “Je Cours” presents some challenges. Among them is the fact that the lyrics as they appear on Stromae’s official website include an omission and a few apparent misspellings. I’ve tried to fill in the blanks by consulting other sources. Please leave a comment below with any input you have!

Je Cours

Ça y est je viens d’y naitre
J’sais pas ou je vais
ni ou j’suis
Mais tous veulent y être
Quelque part, là-bas dans la vie

Et la je veux y mettre le pas
Mais seule mon âme a l’accès
Et je sais,
Que je n’ai aucun de ses abcès

Plus léger qu’dab
je m’envolle et frole le sol
ou collent mes 4 pattes

Chut, soudain ces vampes chantent
qu’une âme sait
qu’celle-ci est absente
Tous morts, marre de vivre
Mais mes envies de vie chiffres
alors j’suis ivre
De pensées d’nuances
De chansons d’sens
Et je ne sais
sur quel pied j’danse

Donc je pars
Non-stop je pars
En retard comme toujours
c’est pourquoi

Je cours,
(dimdamdam 5x)
Je ris,
(dimdamdam 5x)
Oui je ris,
(dimdamdam 5x)
Et puis je ris,
(dimdamdam 5x)
Ensuite je ris,
(dimdamdam 5x)
Et aprés bien je ris,
(dimdamdam 5x)
Oui je ris,
(dimdamdam 5x)
Et je ris,
(dimdamdam 5x)

Et je continue
de métro en neurones
Les gens frolent leur contenu
Mais il m’en faudra plus qu’un temps
Affin de couper la faim
de ces tympans

Car ils nous mangent crunk
Ou en sauce
Ils mangent les airs
et laissent les sons
Oui il me fait peur ce public

Je n’ai pas peur de la mort
mais de l’oubli
C’est bien ce que t’as fait
Qu’on retien de toi
Mais surtout pas ce que t’avait

En plus je n’ai pas de bol
Donc heureusement
que je ne rêve pas de toucher le pactole
Car ce sera sans,
et m’conaissant

Je brasserai des liasses
avec ma malchance
Tu vois pourquoi j’aimerai être porc,
lion ou homme
et vivre sans remords

dimdamdam 10x
Ou être mort
dimdamdam 10x

Mais c’est plus fort que moi
Et comme je n’aime pas l’homme
je reste hors de moi
Toujours ailleurs
j’fais du surplace

Et même mes pensées courent
et se surpassent
Sur la lune
trés peu veulent m’y voir
Et j’y retourne souvent
pour qu’eux m’rejoignent
Au lieu de passer le temps à m’nourrir
Je fuis, pense avant de mourir

Je cours
(dimdamdam 5x)
Oui je ris
(dimdamdam 5x)
Et puis je ris
(dimdamdam 5x)
Ensuite je ris
(dimdamdam 5x)
Et aprés bien je ris
(dimdamdam 5x)
Oui je ris
(dimdamdam 5x)
Et je ris

That’s it, I was just born
I don’t know where I’m going
or where I am
But everyone wants to be here
Somewhere, over there in life

And I want to set my feet there
But only my soul has access
And I know,
that I have none of its abscesses

Lighter than usual
I take off and graze the ground
where my four paws are stuck

Shh, suddenly these seducers sing
that a soul knows
that this one is absent
All dead, sick of living
But my desires for life numbers
so I’m drunk
On nuanced thoughts
On songs with meaning
And I don’t know
which foot I’m dancing on

So I’m leaving
Non-stop I’m leaving
Late as always
that’s why

I run
(dimdamdam 5x)
I laugh
(dimdamdam 5x)
Yes, I laugh
(dimdamdam 5x)
And then I laugh
(dimdamdam 5x)
Next I laugh
(dimdamdam 5x)
After that, well, I laugh
(dimdamdam 5x)
Yes I laugh
(dimdamdam 5x)
And I laugh
(dimdamdam 5x)

And I continue
from the subway in my neurons
People are browsing their content
But I will need more than one time
To satisfy the hunger
of these eardrums

For they eat us crunk
Or in sauce
They eat the airs
and leave the sounds
Yes, this audience scares me

I’m not afraid of death
but of oblivion
It’s really what you’ve done
That they remember of you
But certainly not what you had

Plus, I don’t have luck
So fortunately
I’m not dreaming of hitting the jackpot
Because I will go without,
and knowing me

I’ll handle bundles
with my bad luck
You see why I would like to be pig,
lion or man
and live without regrets

dimdamdam 10x
Or be dead
dimdamdam 10x

But it’s stronger than me
And as I don’t like mankind
I stay outside of myself
Always elsewhere
I’m at a standstill

And even my thoughts are running
and outdoing themselves
On the moon
they have little desire to see me
And I often return there
so they will rejoin me
Instead of spending time to feed myself
I flee, think, before dying

I run
(dimdamdam 5x)
Yes, I laugh
(dimdamdam 5x)
And then I laugh
(dimdamdam 5x)
Next I laugh
(dimdamdam 5x)
After that, well, I laugh
(dimdamdam 5x)
Yes I laugh
(dimdamdam 5x)
And I laugh

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