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Stromae Wins at Victoires de la Musique

Amy February 17, 2015 0 522 views
Stromae Wins at Victoires de la Musique

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Stromae wins award, says tour to recommence March 13


The 30th annual Victoires de la Musique ceremony took place on Friday, February 13 in Paris. The awards are the French equivalent of the American Grammy awards.

For the first time on television, Stromae performed his song “Carmen,” using the same impressive staging as in his arena shows.

Stromae performing “Carmen” at the Victoires de la Musique 2015

Stromae was nominated in a single category, which he won: that of best tour/concert with the Racine Carrée tour. He took care to bring the entire team on stage: Dimitri Borrey (manager), Luc Junior Tam (artistic director), Thomas Van Cottom (Tour manager and production), Coralie Barbier (styliste), his musicians, his technical team, Michel Denis (director at Benuts, which created the visuals for the show), Marion Motin (choreography), Olivier Nusse (managing director, Mercury France), Damien Régnier (marketing, Universal Music France), Romain Bilharz (label manager/A&R, Island France) and Karim Merabet (project manager, Auguri Productions). In his acceptance speech, he introduced several of them, emphasizing that he was “not alone” in his work and “it’s them who make the tour.”

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After this celebratory moment onstage at the Victoires, Stromae quickly went backstage for the traditional photos and interviews.

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Stromae: “I’m not abandoning anyone”  on BFMTV

Here’s a  translation of the video above: “Yes, above all, WE are celebrating. So it was important to have everyone on stage, it was cool…super happy to have been able to bring everyone, to show this team which was with me, and so…whether it is the sound engineer or others...it is all of us who won this award…and there was our dear Jerome Lacombe, who is Gundt, who is our technical director, I call him the technical dictator, he had said a year ago that if we didn’t win this award, he would shave his goatee. he has a long goatee …I confess it would have been nice to see his goatee cut off but…he is a great guy, very straightforward, a man of his word…” Journalist: “So this awards ceremony comes to close this incredible and fantastic adventure?” Stromae: “Quite true, at least in the French-speaking world, and then we continue…the tour starts again on March 13th. And after that, unfortunately it’s not in either Belgium, France, or French-speaking countries anymore… but we will be in Canada…however it will be more in Africa, the USA on the west coast, the east coast, and a little bit South America, and maybe, or maybe in Asia.”

In response to complaints from francophone fans that he is “abandoning” them, BFMTV reports that Stromae said “I’m not abandoning anybody. You’ll see me less in France and Belgium; that makes me sad, but it’s an additional challenge to discover audiences who don’t understand what I’m singing.”

The singer, who will celebrate his own 30th birthday next month, also took the time to wish the Victoires ceremony a happy birthday.

Thanks to Paule-Sylvie Yonke, who did the lion’s share of the interview translation.

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