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Stromaeometre Video Celebrates 2014 Racine Carrée Tour

Amy December 17, 2014 0 271 views
Stromaeometre Video Celebrates 2014 Racine Carrée Tour

Il est l’heure, finie l’heure de danser

Danse, t’inquiète pas tu vas danser

~Stromae, “Ta fête”


All roads lead to Rome: this evening’s concert in Rome, Italy was the last European concert for the Racine Carrée tour. For Stromae fans in Europe–at least for now–the time for dancing has come to an end.

For Americans, Canadians, and others around the world? Don’t worry. You’re going to be dancing soon.

When he first set out to tour in support of his second album in November 2013, Stromae played at small venues in Europe with a simple set design. Starting in March 2014, he debuted much more elaborate stage production, and began progressively selling out all the biggest venues in Europe. While the 2014 dates were concentrated mainly in Europe, the tour also ventured as far afield as Los Angeles and Moscow. At the Mawazine festival in Morocco’s capital in June, Stromae’s show destroyed all previous attendance records for a single performance, pulling in a crowd of 183,000 spectators.

This is the end, for Stromae and his team, of a year full of music and success. So we present a video summarizing the Racine Carrée tour 2014. We would like to take this occasion to thank Paul Van Haver, his musicians, his touring team, Mosaert, Auguri Productions, Island France, Mercury Music Group, and all those who were able to participate in this memorable year.  We wish them all the best for an equally successful continuation of the tour in 2015, whether it be in Africa, the United States, Canada, or Asia. We also thank those who have given life to Stromaeometre all throughout this incredible adventure, the fans and our team.

Montage : Axelle (axdm@stromaeometre.fr)
Music : Ta Fête (J.A.C.K Remix) – Stromae
Videos: SBTV, Stromae European Tour, Festival Mawazine, D17 Summer Festival, Main Square Festival Aftermovie, Eurockeenes Aftermovie (none of these videos belong to us.)
Thanks also to Emma for providing some of these videos.

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